ballet flats kate spade

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ballet flats kate spade

Performers will include UC Davis Ballet Folkorico, Mariachi Cali and Ballet Foklorico Raices Mexicanas de Maria Valdovinos. In addition, the Guillermo “Bill” Muniz educational opportunity award will be presented to a high school senior. The scholarship program recognizes the Muniz’s years of community involvement and generosity in East County. Beede Auditorium is at 700 E. 18th St. For more information visit or call 925-325-9897. Discover Art League hosts show in Brentwood.

Myun Chang has been a fixture behind the counter at Peanuts Deluxe Cafe across San Fernando Street from San Jose State for more than 35 years, but the next generation of students and professors is going to have a new face ringing up their eggs and hash browns, Chang, 62, is stepping down and handing the running of the business over to his nephew, 33-year-old Joseph Huh, Chang — who will still ballet flats kate spade be around for a couple of months as his nephew gets used to the job — says decades of working at the popular joint have taken their toll and he’s just ready to take it easy, “It’s time to let someone younger take over,” he said..

Detectives in the course of their investigation found graphic videos Ross recorded of his having sex with seemingly unconscious women. Some of the victims told police that they hadn’t known how far Ross had taken their sexual encounter before they were shown videos he had recorded of them without their knowledge. Ross described Nolan’s death as a bondage sex-act gone wrong, and the other sexual encounters as consensual. Prosecutors argued they showed a consistent pattern of Ross introducing women to bondage, combining the sex acts with alcohol, then when his partners were inebriated taking their encounters to a dangerous level.

Costner wanted to play a man “wedded to his job,” who has paid the price for that, He wanted to play a dying man who does what guys sometimes do in that situation: Ethan “wants to earn a lot of money, doing these last few jobs so he can leave his family something,” the actor says, “If he can’t leave them memories, he’ll leave them money.”, Don’t write off “3 Days” as a morose thriller, It’s got laughs, Ethan Renner is so out ballet flats kate spade of his depth with his daughter that he interrupts “enhanced interrogations” to question family men from the terrorist underworld about child-rearing..

The Urban Hang Suite event, hosted by Lerecia Evans and Aqueila Lewis, debuts at 7 p.m. Jan. 15 at Noya Restaurant and Lounge, 14350 Laurie Lane in San Pablo. The event has a $5 cover charge, $3 with student ID. Noya, open for about a year next to Walgreen’s at the San Pablo Town Center Plaza, serves Latin fusion food in the restaurant and has a separate lounge area that includes a stage and dance floor. “One of the reasons why I chose Noya Restaurant and Lounge is because it would give artists in West Contra Costa County a place to go and perform without having to drive to Oakland or San Francisco,” said Evans. “We are hoping all artists will come out and share their work, professionals and first-timers.”.