ballet shoes 1936

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ballet shoes 1936

At its Jan. 26 opening, the Program 2 lineup was almost as motley. What changed was that all the works, even when they only partly made sense, freed the dancers to be artists, not merely superb technicians carrying heavy loads. That was true in the reprise of Alexei Ratmansky’s wonderfully humane “Seven Sonatas” (2009), and nowhere more evident than in William Forsythe’s “Pas/Parts,” a repurposed 1999 ballet that was so overhauled it became a 2016 premiere. Yuri Possokhov’s latest work, “Optimistic Tragedy,” was another of his flawed concept pieces, but it beautifully showcased the stunning male dancers of the company.

The concerto is inspired by Adams’ love of two iconic saxophone-plus-strings albums: Stan Getz’s “Focus” and “Charlie Parker with Strings,” though it sounds nothing like either, Adams and McAllister have ballet shoes 1936 refined their approach to the concerto since its premiere last summer in Sydney, Australia, In the end, McAllister says, the piece calls for “a sound that references jazz, but is still classical.” The concerto contains “nothing so literal that it seems borrowed, or a pastiche” of jazz — no blues scales, no cliches, he notes..

n Fik-Shun with All-Star Allison Holker (Season 2 and Emmy-nominated choreographer with Derek Hough on DWTS) — contemporary. Fik-Shun’s inspiration is his mom and dad, who each tell how proud they are of him. This contemporary dance style is way outside Fik-Shun’s comfort zone and could signal the end of his run on the show if he doesn’t do well, but he is remarkable, even when he struggled with one lift but then smoothly got right back into the routine. Jenna said that Allison is the dancer she wants to be, and that Fik-Shun was awesome, can do no wrong and was already an All-Star. Nigel said it was a beautiful routine, that Allison danced brilliantly and that being in the bottom may have grounded Fik-Shun. He also said that there is a quality about Fik-Shun’s work that can’t be ignored. Mary added that their dancing made her heart sing. Watch out, Tucker, Fik-Shun is on his game.

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