iphone 9 screen protector

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iphone 9 screen protector

Sales for the Galaxy S III have already reached impressive milestones, with Samsung this week claiming to have sold over 20 million units in the first 100 days, since the product's launch. Samsung's popular Galaxy S III will be 4G in Australia soon, coming to Telstra, Optus and Virgin Mobile. Samsung's hugely popular Galaxy S III will hit Aussie shores with 4G radios soon, joining Telstra's growing LTE range and becoming the first 4G phone for both Optus and its subsidiary, Virgin Mobile. None of the telcos have offered a firm release date for the handset yet, but Optus has given pricing, with the 4G Galaxy S III to be available for AU$7 per month on a $60 Optus Plan, or free on an $80 Plan. Virgin pricing is nearly identical, with AU$7 a month on a $59 Fair Go Bro plan. Telstra plans to release plan details closer to its launch.

All of the above products are available for preorder today from Amazon.com, Q: OK, so what are the big new features in the Paperwhite?, A: The Paperwhite replaces Amazon's previous flagship e-reader, the Kindle Touch, The new model comes with a higher resolution (1,024x768 with 212 pixels per inch), yielding 62 percent more pixels than the Touch, But the bigger selling point is the embedded fiber optic light circling the display, That means you don't need a separate light source to read, Another cool feature is that the Paperwhite keeps track of your average reading speed, which lets iphone 9 screen protector it display an estimate of how long it will take you to finish a chapter or an entire book, Note that the Paperwhite no longer offers the audio support found on the Touch -- but we doubt anyone will miss that..

Q: How does the Paperwhite compare with other e-readers?. A: Pretty well. The $119 Paperwhite costs less than Barnes & Noble's recent Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight . In his brief hands-on with the device, CNET's David Carnoy found that the Paperwhite's light shone more uniformly than the Nook version, and he also liked the higher-resolution screen. It's harder to compare the Paperwhite with the recently announced Kobo Glo e-reader. The Kobo has LED-based lighting, rather than the Paperwhite's fiber optics. Kobo also claims only a month of battery life for the Glo, versus Amazon's claim of two months. In Kobo's favor, you can expand the local storage via the microSD card slot, whereas the Paperwhite offers no expandable storage (though you can still store up to 1,100 books, and swap more in and out as needed via Amazon's cloud-based library). At $129, the Glo also costs $10 more -- but is ad-free.

Q: How about the Kindle Fire HD?, A: The Kindle Fire HD is a feature-rich tablet available in two screen sizes, 7 and 8.9 inches, and with multiple storage and data plan configurations, The 8.9-inch model has a 1,900x1,200-pixel-resolution screen, the 7-inch version is 1,280x720 pixels, Amazon says the Fire HD screen reflects 25 percent less glare (presumably compared with the original Fire tablet's screen), Amazon has also given the Fire HD Tablet stereo speakers with Dolby Digital iphone 9 screen protector Plus support, as well as dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi, a front-facing camera, and a Bluetooth receiver, all of which are improvements to the hardware in the standard Kindle Fire..

For storage, Amazon will offer 16GB and 32GB options for the 7-inch model, and 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB options for the 8.9-inch model, at varying price points. The highest-end model is the $599 64GB version, which also has a $50-a-year 4G LTE data plan. That plan only gets you 250MB of data per month, though, which you can wipe out with one decently sized photo album download. A $499 version of the 8.9-inch unit has the same data plan, but only 32GB of storage. On the software side, Amazon has given the Fire HD an assortment of new capabilities. Whispersync for Voice lets you pause an audiobook and pick up where you left off in the e-book version. Whispersync for Games lets you transport your in-game progress when you pick it up on a different Amazon device. X-Ray for Movies allows you to pause a movie and look up the actor's onscreen, via a partnership with IMDb. You now also get multi-user support, and Kindle Freetime gives you a way to regulate how much time a particular user, like your kids, can use certain kinds of applications on the device.