iphone case 30 ft drop

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iphone case 30 ft drop

Screenshots: User will now be able to snap screenshots and share them via Twitter. That's a big boost for a phone reviewer. Flash: New flash controls for the camera will be easily accessible in the viewfinder interface. Bing Vision: Part of the new Lenses suite of apps, Bing Vision lets you snap a photo and then search the Internet (through Bing, of course) for related information. So, for example, you could shoot a book cover and then see where to go and buy it online. CNN iReport: Though not yet available, this app will empower citizen journalists to shoot photos of breaking news events and send them to CNN for possible use.

FXSuite: This app lets you choose from various filters to your shots, Blink: The Blink app will shoot a series of photos while detecting if your subjects iphone case 30 ft drop blinks, It will then choose the best shots with eyes wide open, Photosynth: Different from a three-picture panorama app, Photosynth enables full 360-degree panoramas, Windows Phone 8 devices will offer new camera features including screenshots, Bing searches, and 360-degree panoramas, NEW YORK--At its Windows Phone 8 press event today, Nokia and Microsoft gave us more than just the Lumia 920, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore also announced new camera features for Windows Phone 8 devices..

In order for the technology to work, Google's patent requires a camera that can identify a person's face. If that face matches a "predetermined identity," then the person is logged into the respective device. If multiple people want to access a computer, the next person would get in front of the camera, and the device's software would automatically transition to the new user's profile. If the technology sounds familiar, it's because face-to-unlock is already available in the wild. The Samsung Galaxy S3, for example, has a face unlock application. Samsung's Galaxy Nexus also comes with the feature and allows people to snap a picture of themselves to unlock their smartphone.

Interestingly, Apple last year filed for a patent related to facial recognition similar to what iphone case 30 ft drop Google is describing in its own service, That technology would recognize a person's face and use that as the authentication needed to access user profiles or other important information, It's not clear how Google's patent might impact Apple's application, but given the current state of patent litigation, don't discount a possible battle, (Via Engadget), The company's patent describes a method by which a camera is used to help users unlock a device and access personal information..

To charge your Lumia 920 or Lumia 820, simply place it on the charging pad -- or accessory such as the Fatboy recharge pillow -- and the battery fills up with extra 'leccy through the magic of electromagnetic induction, without the aid of a cable. Pictured above are the JBL speakers, which both charge the phone and play music wirelessly, zapping music from phone to dock via NFC. Nokia has adopted the Qi standard for wireless charging -- which places it in opposition to other manufacturers including Samsung and Qualcomm, who have committed to the rival A4WP standard.