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iphone case and wallet

"Hindsight is 20/20, but we should have posted a disclaimer stating this was a representation of OIS only," Nokia spokesperson Heidi Lemmetyinen wrote in a company blog post. "This was not shot with a Lumia 920. We apologize for the confusion we created."The Finnish handset maker has since posted another video (see below) without the bikes and fun-loving couple showing the new OIS shot on a prototype Lumia 920 side-by -side with a video shot over the same course on a smartphone without OIS. Nokia says the "difference is apparent," and it is. But in the future, let's also be more transparent.

One of the first ads for the new smartphone purported to compare its image stabilization with video shot with a regular smartphone, Problem is that the superior Lumia video was shot with a regular camera, Nokia took the wraps off its new line of Windows Phone 8 smartphones today, along with what one would assume to be a carefully crafted media campaign iphone case and wallet to demonstrate their strengths, One of the key features Nokia was touting was the PureView camera, which the handset maker said boosted optical image stabilization (OIS), the function that counteracts hand shake by moving the lens, Nokia even went so far as to claim its OIS was 50 percent more effective than systems in some high-end digital cameras..

Amazon has been pretty tight-lipped over what will be discussed tomorrow, but several leaks -- and the fact that it's been nearly a year since the last hardware refresh -- point to a range of new Kindle devices. CNET reported last week that Amazon will debut two 7-inch Kindle Fires at the event, including a high-end model with a zippy processor, a camera, physical volume controls, an HDMI port, and larger storage than a second, more bare-bones version. It seems likely that Amazon will also increase the resolution on the Kindle Fire's display. It may even subsidize the cost of the device with an ad-supported version, as it has with a lower-cost Kindle e-reader. And it seems all but certain that Amazon will update its Kindle e-ink readers as well, with a "Paperwhite" backlit model rumored. The press conference begins tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. PT. We'll be kicking off our coverage a bit earlier (around 10 a.m. PT). Join us from the Barker Hangar -- yep, the company has rented a hangar -- as we cover the event live.

Why isn't Nokia falling back on numbers to match the phone's name to the personality of each phone's design? Surely a device as bold and singular as the Lumia 920, and the Lumias 900 and 800 before it, deserves an identity grander than a series of meaningless numbers, After all, don't the numbers confuse customers who already have their heads filled with specs?, Once the average person has gotten past 1,280x720-pixel resolutions, 4.7-inch screens, and 8-megapixel cameras, they then have to distinguish the Lumia 920 from the 820 from the iphone case and wallet 900 or 710..

Even worse, there's only a loose relationship among the different numbered devices. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S3, which denotes a change in generation, the Lumias 710 and 900 came out after the 800; the 820 has more in common with the Lumia 920 than it does with the Lumia 800. Where's the logic in that?. Yes, it's true that "Lumia" is itself a name (and one that got Nokia in a bit of trouble at first). However, "Lumia" is meant to usefully distinguish the phonemaker's Windows Phone line from its Asha family of Symbian smartphones, the same way that Samsung is now stamping "Ativ" on its Windows phones and "Galaxy" on its Android set.