iphone screen protector fitting service

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iphone screen protector fitting service

The S3 also became the top-selling phone in the US, beating the iPhone 4S in August, the first full month the S3 was available on all four main US networks. This coincided with a ramp up in interest in the iPhone 5 -- due to be launched next week -- which will have dented Apple's sales. Samsung launched its flagship smart phone, powered by Google's Android Jelly Bean operating system, in late May here in Europe. This early release date left it with a three-month headstart on new phone announcements by rivals Apple, Nokia and Motorola. With little competition, Samsung has cleaned up.

The Korean company is currently embroiled in all-out legal warfare around the world over whether its mobile devices trampled on Apple's patents, The Californian company recently iphone screen protector fitting service added the S3 to the "copycat" list in its complaint filed with a US court, attempting to ban the iPhone rival, What do you think? Is the Galaxy S3 better than the iPhone? Or is everybody simply waiting for 12 September? Unload your commentary in the box below, or scrawl on our Facebook wall, Samsung's newest flagship device is its fastest selling smart phone to date, hitting the 20 million mark in record time..

Enter the Telephonetto, which seeks to eliminate much of the temptation religious Jewish teens might encounter on a typical smartphone with access to the Web, mass media, and the many, er, less-than-kosher forms of content one might be able to consume via that tiny screen. The phone, which has no Internet access and won't play videos, is the product of a collaboration between Eurocom Mobile Communications and some religious organizations in Israel. While it won't grant the kids access to Facebook, it still has other smartphone features like an audio player and camera.

No word yet on pricing iphone screen protector fitting service or availability for the new phone, Earlier this year some Israeli rabbis gave their blessing to a kosher cell phone developed by religious leaders and engineers that could be used on Shabbat by emergency personnel and others who need to be on call of the Jewish day of rest without breaking the laws, But the Telephonetto offers more features and was developed specifically with students in mind, "Mobile phones enslave teens and lead to destructive social detachment," Rabbi Avinoam Horowitz, principal of the Kiryat Arba religious high school and one of the leaders of the initiative to create the phone, told Ynetnews.com, "They stop playing with their friends; everyone dives into his or her phone."Not to mention that the phones are also a portal to blasphemous content and are "mutilating students' souls," according to Horowitz..

It's admirable to try to balance technology with tradition, but I can't help but think this might be overkill -- why not at least allow an exception for access to FaceGlat, the kosher social network? Oh, maybe this is why. The Telephonetto has a camera and audio player, but turns off videos and Web access to help religious Jewish teens resist digital temptation. It's probably no longer a stretch to say the media overload we wade through each day of the Information Age can begin to eat away at the soul. In fact, some rabbis in Israel believe that's actually the case.