iphone xs mclaren - black

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iphone xs mclaren - black

iphone xs mclaren - black iphone xs mclaren - black iphone xs mclaren - black iphone xs mclaren - black iphone xs mclaren - black

iphone xs mclaren - black

Well, there's always Microsoft and Windows Phone. Update, 5:54 p.m. PT: Adds point about Samsung's use of essential wireless patents in the case and changes headline to reflect court's reduced penalty amount. CNET looks at why the Android community should be a little more nervous after today's ruling. Samsung Electronics isn't the only one stinging from today's overwhelming defeat at the hands of Apple; this is a massive blow to Google and Android too. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

There are a couple other great newsreader apps that offer similar layouts, so I decided to put them up side by iphone xs mclaren - black side so you can choose the best one for your purposes, This week's iOS apps are a couple of newsreaders for perusing the latest stories on your iOS device, The first lays out all stories from several sites vertically, then lets you swipe horizontally to see the latest news stories from one site, The second is possibly one of the best newsreaders available, laying out the news and social site updates kind of like how you would read a magazine..

Pulse is not the first iOS app that helps you collect news feeds, but the layout of this app is especially intuitive, making it easy for people unfamiliar with newsreaders to get started quickly. Your Pulse home screen is completely customizable so you can reorder your feed list to show your most read sites first. If you've spent some time reading through stories and want something new, you can always hit the refresh button at the top of the interface to see if new stories have been posted while you were reading. You can also add Facebook to your feed if you want to see the latest stories from your friends.

Overall, if you want a slick and elegant way to quickly read news stories from all your favorite Web sites, Pulse News Mini takes only a little bit of setup to have the latest headlines laid out for you when you launch, For the iPhone version, grab Pulse News Mini, Flipboard (free -- iOS universal) is a must-have newsreader and social network hub that lets you organize iphone xs mclaren - black the info you want to look at and then flip through it like a magazine, Get started by creating an account with Flipboard, then sign in to your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts..

Once you're all signed in, Flipboard presents you with an intuitive layout of your social networks and some default news categories to browse. Touching a panel lets you browse through any of the default categories. But touching and holding a panel lets you delete it and replace it with whatever you want. To customize your Flipboard, touch the More panel in the lower right to browse through several categories like News, Technology, Business, Entertainment, and many others. Touching the News category, for instance, lets you add popular sites to your Flipboard like BBC News, the Guardian, The Economist, Salon, and many more. There's an enormous amount of content to choose from making it possible to customize Flipboard with only the types of stories you want. There's also a search bar if you want to find something specific that you don't see in the presented categories.