iphone xs / x mood case

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iphone xs / x mood case

iphone xs / x mood case iphone xs / x mood case iphone xs / x mood case iphone xs / x mood case iphone xs / x mood case

iphone xs / x mood case

The pictures have spread quickly, thanks to Lin's 13.6 million Weibo feed subscribers. Lin rose to prominence in China in the early Nineties, selling 10-million albums before he turned 20. He is now a race car driver, but could he also be an Apple antagonist? China is the home of replica electronics, and it would not be impossible for a stylish fake to be created for Lin's hungry Weibo readership. The fact that the homescreen always shows the same image, sets off our Spidey-senses. Or, this is the real thing, and Apple is going to need one massive feature to get us excited about a phone that looks so much like the ones that have come before it.

Even with the strictest secrecy in place, it seems Apple can't trust its lastest iPhone with popstars these days, Even with the strictest secrecy in place, it seems iphone xs / x mood case Apple can't trust its latest iPhone with popstars these days, Former-pop great Jimmy Lin has posted a series of photos to Chinese social networking site Weibo, showing him holding and using an iPhone that is noticeably larger than the current generation Apple smartphone, It has an aluminium backplate, the smaller docking port that was rumoured recently and a larger display, Also in line with the rumour mill, the 3.5mm headphone socket is on the bottom of the device that is held by Lin..

Editor Jason Jenkins is up first -- he's been most impressed by the mind-warpingly gorgeous Sony 4K TV. This televisual powerhouse is the next big thing in home entertainment, thanks to a stonkingly high 3,840x2,160-pixel resolution. That's way higher than a current HD screen, and this telly comes with a neat feature that lets you use passive 3D glasses to get two people watching two different things at once, on the same screen. Mystic. But there's a catch -- going on sale this year, this beast of a telly is likely to cost upwards of £20,000. No current sources can properly take advantage of 4K yet either, meaning the high pixel count is slightly wasted, at least for now.

The idea is that with access to Android apps, you can edit and share your photos straight after taking them, It's no wonder Rich chose this device -- he's said before that he wants to see phones in cameras, and not the other way around, It's an intriguing proposition, and we're keen to see how useful this snapper proves when we give it the full iphone xs / x mood case review treatment, Senior staff writer Andrew Hoyle has another Sony product topping his list, and that's the Sony Vaio Duo 11, This is truly the year of Windows 8, with loads of new laptops and tablets arriving with Microsoft's all-new operating system on board, The Vaio Duo 11 is one of the more promising gadgets out there though, thanks to an 11-inch screen that's small enough to be portable, but boasts a Full HD resolution..

Great stuff. The promise of powerful hardware and a sliding keyboard that transforms this tablet into a proper typing device are more reasons to be excited. Andrew told me he's "really excited to give it a proper test", so stay tuned. As for me, I'll have to give my stamp of approval to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (alright, that blurry image above was pretty easy to guess). This time last year I got my first look at the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, and I'll readily confess I wasn't too impressed, thinking that nobody would really want a screen that enormous. But one year later I've been proved wrong, and the Note has become a surprise hit.